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2.0.26 Web Client

Release Notes: October 1st, 2019

Version: 2.0.26


  • Under the hood work to support localization.
  • Visit Hosts are now only active card holders.
  • Street Addresses can no longer be set as private.
  • Multiple Cards Assigned to a Person now have a colon separating them in access level person list.
  • Instance Explorer now shows folders.
  • Global search results now have Actions.
  • The Event Monitors now allow the filter to work on all columns.
  • The encoded Card now will automatically fill from the input from the display number after the display number field loses focus.
  • Restricted visitors can not be added to visits.
  • Disabled controllers will now be marked as such on the hardware panel.
  • Users can customize the check-in email message using Email templates.


  • The log in and authentication process has been improved; Event subscription will start immediately after login.

Bug Fixes:

  • The cards used per day should display the correct number of card uses despite refreshing.
  • Kiosk will proceed through the person verification page.
  • The error for not having create permission for visitor management settings upon login should no longer occur when not permitted to use visitor management.
  • A change to an attendee's name will now cause the name to be reflected on the visit.
  • Lockdown action works in the web client from the reader actions.
  • The low permissions warning has been removed.
  • Now able to create a visit from ID Scanner whether the scan completes or not and with or without a card manually entered.
  • The app will no longer crash if a hardware has a an empty status.
  • Printing badges no longer produces extra margin on double sided badge designs.
  • Printing badges will now render font colors and multi-line text correctly
  • Removed unsupported Arming options for Bosch's B and G series panels.